National Pi Day is typically celebrated among people who enjoy math, but some people find other ways to celebrate.

“Pi day is a good day — the best holiday of the year.”

March 14 is known as National Pi Day to correlate with the mathematical term of 3.14, but one local bakery owner said this day is popular for bakeries.

“We’ve got a lot of delicious pies. We have lemon, coconut cream, apple, cherry, peach, elderberry, rhubarb and strawberry rhubarb,” said Gordon Evans, owner, Art’s Bakery.

Thanks to using local ingredients when possible, Evans told WJET a customer favorite of Art’s Bakery.

“Elderberry is our biggest seller, probably because nobody else around makes a good elderberry pie,” Evans added.

At another local bakery, one baker said their seasonal pies are always a big hit.

“Pumpkin pies we do sometimes in the spring, and then we do those a lot in the fall when October rolls around,” said Robert Sontheimer, baker, Sontheimer’s Country Bakery.

But he said there are other pies that are enjoyed by the community.

“Apple and cherry are probably the most popular. We do a regular with a crust on top, and we also do Dutch apple and Dutch cherry,” Sontheimer added.

Although these bakers love serving the Erie community, they have some favorite pies of their own.

“I particularly am fond of our cherry pie,” said Evans.

“The pumpkin is one of my favorites. That’s a special recipe that my grandfather made when he was like 16,” Sontheimer said.

But the mathematical equation is not completely forgotten about as Evans said people often order the pi symbol on a pie.

“I have done that. I’ve done that for high school math classes, and we’re happy to oblige with any of that,” Evans added.