A sign of the times… We’ve seen a rise in non-traditional ways kids go about trick-or-treating, usually in the name of safety.

Many parents like the idea of their children trick-or-treating in a more controlled environment as opposed to walking through neighborhoods and going up to stranger’s doors.

We checked out two of those pre-Halloween trick-or-treat events that are becoming popular with parents. The first was over at the Millcreek Mall “Trail of Treats” event. 

The indoor event allows thousands of children to celebrate Halloween in a safe and controlled environment. At the event, kids and their parents can stop at tables set up throughout the main concourse and fill their bags with candy.

Also tonight, over at the Amazon Delivery Station on West 23rd Street was a “trunk-or-treat” event. They describe it as a fun and safe environment for Erie families to trick or treat together before Halloween.

“Well it’s warm in here, and it’s a safe environment, so I don’t mind bringing them out, plus I work and this is the time I can bring my kids out,” Lakeya Duck.

“This time of the year it gets cold, it gets wet, it gets dark early, and with the environment today we want to make sure that we can just foster that community atmosphere as much as possible for the children,” said Will Friday, Amazon site manager.

Over the years, the event at the mall has proven to be successful and continues to grow, reaching more and more children every year.