As the temperatures continue to drop, students at Mercyhurst are able to move their green thumbs indoors.

A brand-new greenhouse is now operational on Mercyhurst’s campus, conveniently placed on the roof of Zurn Hall.

The greenhouse is 16 by 24 feet and will house plants year-round to help with the university’s newly created sustainability studies major.

The conditions within the greenhouse will allow biology and botany students to access plants that are not natively able to grow in our region.

“We value that kind of experiential learning at Mercyhurst, and to be able to touch and see things in person. Plus, it’s a fun place. I’ve already gotten multiple students inquiring about helping out with watering and taking care of the plants. It’s a nice place to be in an Erie winter, right? So to be inside a greenhouse watering plant, it’s very refreshing,” said Chris Dolanc, associate professor of biology at Mercyhurst University.

The project was paid for by Mercyhurst’s Student Sustainability Fund.