While the Erie SeaWolves prepare for game two in Somerset, work crews are preparing to change the area around the ballpark.

Not only will the construction from the Warner Theatre along French Street be completed, but a former SeaWolves building will be demolished, creating a new look for the south side of UPMC Park.

“I’m pleased and relieved that it’s done. I think that the warner has come out to be much more magnificent than anyone would have anticipated. It’ll be here for many decades for the community to enjoy it,” said Casey Wells, executive director of Erie Events.

The previous Erie SeaWolves office building is no longer in use, and Wells said it makes the most sense for the building to be demolished.

“We will be taking that building down. It was built in the mid-90s and it doesn’t serve any purpose for us anymore. Actually, it’s the first piece of the next phase of ballpark development that was identified in our master plan,” Wells added.

The property behind me that was once the SeaWolves offices will eventually be turned into a green space for fans entering the park’s south side.

“To be able to clean that space up a little bit and make it a more welcoming approach from the south. I think fans will really enjoy it. Many of our fans come from a parking garage one block away, and they’re going to walk right past that open space. For them to be able to have an area that really says ‘Hey, welcome to UPMC Park.’ We’re really looking forward to that,” said Greg Coleman, team president of Erie SeaWolves.

Coleman said having that green space will give local and visiting fans a better fan experience.

“We obviously want to put our best foot forward, both for the fans locally here in Erie and the folks who are coming to visit Erie. So to be able to clean that space up and have more of a finished product, I think it’s just great for us. It’s great for tourism as well,” Coleman added.

That building will be replaced with a park-like place with green space, walkways and benches.