Volunteers from the Erie Center for Arts and Technology (ECAT) came together to beautify an east side “traffic triangle,” turning it into a flower garden.

John Guianen, the garden steward, said the array of flowers — including 1,800 perennials, marigolds, and petunias — are being planted just outside of the ECAT center.

He added the flowers are ordered from Pittsburgh and planning for the garden begins in October in order to come alive the following spring.

The garden is funded through the state in return for a beautiful garden for all Erie residents.

“They give so much money and they allot us so much money. We don’t get paid to do this, but they do cover the expenses that we have. The city is very good — the city donates all the mulch at the ends. We have water, we can water this,” said Guianen.

Guianen added that everyone should check back within a month to see the colorful, floral outcome.