One popular warm weather festival is making its return to Erie this weekend after a three-year hiatus.

Crews are busy setting up for the Troika Festival on Erie’s Bayfront. They are calling it “the kickoff to the summer ethnic festival season.”

Beers, foods, and games. Those crews are busy setting up tents for Fridays kick off.

Crews are busy, setting up tents, bars, tables, there also getting the food and beers ready.

One volunteer said, “let’s kick off the festival season the right way.”

“When we bring people to the lower east side and see the beauty of our church, see the beauty of the community and the lower east side,” said Mark Sokoloff, volunteer.

He said the festival is a big fundraiser for the Church of the Nativity.  

“The proceeds go directly to support Christians for Brotherly Love and what that does, it supports various activities that we have throughout the year,” Sokoloff said.

This includes hosing homeless during the winter and running a food pantry.

Activities to look forward to including games and dancers… and adult beverages.

One big draw is the ice bar.

‘We will sell between 3,500 to 4,000 shots over the weekend. Probably 15 different shots probably one this year will be called the ‘Presque Isle’ which is vodka, Kahlua and Bailey’s,” said Harry Evanoff, a fellow volunteer.

The event and parking are free, for more information check out their website here.