Tall Ships Erie is now less than two weeks away, and you have the chance to be part of this event by volunteering.

Organizers have put out the call for more volunteers.

Tall Ships will begin on Thursday, Aug. 25 and continues until Sunday, Aug. 26. Preparations however begin one week from today.

Volunteers will be needed for set up next Monday and Tuesday for a wide range of jobs during the festival. Those jobs include making sure the weekend remains safe.

“They are the ones that are moving between the different places, the ones interacting with the public in a very direct way, and they’re the ones helping us represent who we are as a community, who we are as an organization and help us tell that story of why Erie, Pennsylvania is the center of Tall Ships sailing for this weekend,” said William Sabatini, Fleet Captain, Flagship Niagara League.

In-person sign-ups will be held in front of the Hirt Auditorium at the Blasco Library from Aug. 16-21.