(WJET/WFXP/YourErie.com) — A summertime hotspot has a new name, but the new owner says customers can expect their experience to remain the same.

Driving along state Route 19/Peach Street, folks likely have noticed a recent change. What once was known as “Mr. Shivers” now is “Lucky Duck Creamery.” In August 2022, husband and wife duo Jim and Lyn Kress bought the ice cream shop and took over operations.

They’re no strangers to the business. Their daughter Jillian Kress had worked at the ice cream stand for five seasons during high school and her first year of college. As fans of Perry’s Ice Cream and to support their daughter, Jim and Lyn Kress frequented the ice cream stand throughout the years.

“One night standing there, I said, ‘This would be a pretty neat place to own and operate,’ and Lyn agreed with me,” Jim said. “It took us the better part of two years to actually come up with the gumption of going and talking to the owner.”

For the former owner, the conversation came at the right time of her life to entertain selling the business, Jim said.

The name “Lucky Duck Creamery” was Jim’s idea. He pitched it to his family — Lyn, Jillian and Braden. Jim says he doesn’t know exactly how he came up with the name, but they were able to build off the idea.

“Our intent is twice per day, very randomly, we’ll tell the customer that their order is free and they’re the lucky duck,” Jim said.

When the Kresses took over, they already had an understanding of the business, having spent so much time patronizing it throughout the years. The former owner, however, helped make the transition even easier.

“To say this was a turn-key operation is an understatement — she had this place running like a well-oiled machine,” Jim said. “We still talk to her (the previous owner) today. She provides us with all kinds of information as to how we should consider doing things and why she did things the way she did them.”

That delicious Perry’s Ice Cream the Kresses enjoyed so much? It’s still on the menu. In fact, Jim Kress said they plan to continue the business much like how it has been, just with a new name. They hope to open for the season on April 1. Currently, they’re not planning any fanfare other than the usual seasonal ice cream shop opening day excitement.

Jim and Lyn Kress have lived in Waterford for about 25 years.

“We’re exited to be part of offering something to our community that the community has really grown accustomed to,” Jim said. “The one thing I’ve noticed through last year was the smiles on people’s faces is just fantastic. Being able to have a customer base that is so happy, it makes it that much more inviting to be involved in the ice cream business.”