(WJET/WFXP/YourErie.com) — For about a year, residents and passersby in and through Edinboro have wondered about the mysterious project underway at Sunset Grill on Edinboro Lake. They’ve levied guesses about what the structure could possibly become. Well today, the mystery ends.

Sunset Grill – a family-owned business, and the restaurant side of Edinboro Lake Resort — is building a three-story tower at its location as a place where people can wait for the their table and overlook the lake while enjoying a beverage.

“You can come and get a table if it’s available, but if it’s not, now we will have some overflow areas. The tower is one,” said family spokesperson Mike Russell. “Rather than waiting on a bench in the parking lot, with the tower you can go have a drink and wait. We’re not trying to put more people on the property, this is just a mechanism for people to not have to wait in more uncomfortable conditions – they can just go chill, not worry about the 45-minute wait, and then when their turn is ready, they can go to their table.”

The project broke ground in March 2021. Originally, it was intended to simply be a three-story tower, however the plans changed and an addition was thrown into the mix. A traditional staircase will be put in, the project now will have a little more square footage than initially anticipated, and a kayak area will be installed.

The kayak area, Russell said, is not intended to be a public kayak launch. The intent of the kayak area is for Sunset Grill to have a safe spot for kayakers already on the lake to pull in, safely unload, and to store their kayak while they step into the restaurant for snacks, refreshments or a whole meal.

Sunset Grill and the Edinboro Lake Resort sits on a smaller lot.

“The idea came from the fact that initially everybody talked about our property and how small it is. They wondered how we would accommodate parking, and this and that,” Russell said. “We’ve turned our situation into a positive by building a facility that is adequate for the people that come to it. This is kind of another piece to that.”

The resort rents kayaks, so building a kayak friendly approach was a natural addition to the project.

“They can roll up on their kayak, load onto the platform, and it’ll be much more kayak and boater friendly,” Russell said.

The tower will have glass doors facing the lake. All of the speakers throughout the facility will be synched to maintain musical continuity throughout the facility.

Russell said Sunset Grill hopes to have the tower open to the public in about six weeks.

“We’ve been focusing some of our efforts on getting open on the cabin and restaurant side, and then we’ll turn our attention to the tower to get it open,” Russell said. “The excitement is definitely going to grow on it in the next month or two. It’s going to be pretty cool.”

The cabins already are open for bookings online. https://edinborolakeresort.com/

Sunset Grill will open for the season on Friday, April 29.

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Sunset Grill and Edinboro Lake Resort are located at 12670 Edinboro Road in Edinboro.