A local group of athletes is looking to spread the word about their game of choice.

On Tuesday, the Erie Ultimate League Enterprises held a four-on-four, co-ed, pick-up ultimate frisbee game session.

The game, which organizers describe as a mix of soccer, football and basketball, is a great way to get in a good cardio workout.

And while ultimate frisbee has been growing across the country for decades, Erie is still a new frontier for the game. Erie’s athletes hope to change that with converts.

“We have a Facebook group, just Erie Ultimate, and we usually post in there and it goes by the amount of likes that we get to see how many people, because we do have people traveling from Meadville and Ohio. So we want to make sure we have enough people to play that given day. Usually, people join the group and then they say whether or not they can make it and that’s how we determine the numbers, but if we can get more people, we can just always plan on playing,” said Hayden Weaver, Erie Ultimate League Enterprises.

Weaver also reminded people of their premiere event called “Don’t Give Up the Disc,” where they expect nearly 200 athletes from across the U.S. and Canada to compete.

The two-day event is set for July 8-9 at Presque Isle’s Beach 11.