In light of Saint Patrick’s Day, State Representative Ryan Bizzarro hosted his annual “Pot O’Gold Treasury Hunt.”

Every year, Rep. Bizzarro welcomes residents to his district office to help constituents look for unclaimed property.

The Pennsylvania State Treasury Department has collected more than $3.5 billion in unclaimed property from state residents, and his office wants to make sure they can do all they can to help constituents get their property back.

“We’ve helped people get claims back from the state that were as small at ten dollars, to I think one was eight thousand dollars. So sometimes there’s a lot of money missing, whether it was stock that was never collected, or bank accounts that may have been closed out that they had to then turn over the property. It can really mean a lot to these folks to get this property back,” said PJ Monella, chief of staff, State Representative Ryan Bizzarro’s office.

Residents can look for unclaimed property year-round at Representative Bizzarro’s office, but today’s lucky event went until 12:30 p.m. Friday.