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When you first think of it, cheese and tea should not be together in the same cup. Co-owner of Andora’s Bubble Tea Shop, Andy Steinmetz, sees how this drink can be like a dessert.

“Cheese tea is actually cream tea. It’s actually a foam topper that’s made out of cream cheese and milk. It’s made out of cream cheese and milk. It’s sweet, savory, a lot like cheesecake,” said Andy.

Cheesecake blends that sweet and savory your taste buds may be craving. Now there’s cheese tea.

What are the origins of cheese tea?

“Cheese tea came out of Taiwan, just like bubble tea did… It’s kinda like a spin-off bubble tea, right? People were trying to make a unique, different type of bubble tea. They can up with this cream cheese topping,” said Andy.

It was the customers who really voiced their interest in seeing cheese tea added to the menu. Andy heard the cry and perfected his recipe over the holidays.

The shop used their social media presence to tease the cheese tea. That drew in loyal customers, looking for a sneak preview taste earlier this month.

“Anything we’re working on new, We did a teaser for the cheese tea before we released it. We didn’t even say what it was. It was just a picture of it saying ‘Coming soon.’ It just looks a little bit different than anything else we serve,” said Rora Steinmetz, also owner of Andora’s.

Now that cheese tea has hit the Erie market, will people try it? Andy thinks so.

“It’s really good. I was actually questioning whether anybody would like this in Erie,” Andy said.

Even though cheese tea has been on the menu for a few days, they have sold out a couple of times and have had to make more.

You can find more hidden menu items by following Andora’s Bubble Tea Shop on social media @andorasbubble.

Will you give cheese tea a try?

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