DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Hair salons and barber shops reopen

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Happy reopening! With the beginning of the green phase, people are flocking to restaurants shops and, of course, hair salons and barber shops.

You are now able to get that fresh new ‘do you’ve be craving (and probably needing) the past few months. The stylists are also excited to see you.

“I love it… a blessing to be open again,” said Ashley Barron, owner of The Loft Salon and Spa.

“We’re in the green and we’re very excited especially today,” said Joe Lombardo, own of Joe Lombardo’s Barber Studio.

People were nervous about not going green for a long time, but we made it Erie County. “Well, yeah I was nervous about that, but I’m very excited about the fact that we did go green,” said Lombardo.

For the grand reopening, would there be a lot of hustle and bustle of clients through the doors? Barron said not really, “It’s really been kind of smooth sailing. We have a sanitation station right outside the door… and we’re taking appoint only.”

For the professionals, their whole process has changed.

“More appointments definitely per day because we are not allowed to double book…. It seems we’re a lot busier now that we have been, but it doesn’t seem that way on the inside of the salon because we’re keeping everybody separated,” said Barron.

There are a few things to remember before heading back to the salon for the first tome including making that appointment. Most places won’t take walk-ins. Also be patient with the salon because they are being bombarded with calls and messages about booking appointments, so you’ll likely be waiting just a little longer unless you had an appointment scheduled pre-pandemic.

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