DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: 16 Bar Challenge supporting the Erie Playhouse

Digital Exclusive

The Erie Playhouse is closed like so many other places, but that doesn’t mean the show isn’t still going on.

Several Playhouse alumni and current volunteers have seen the need to help the organization in this trying time. They’ve set up a challenge, the 16 Bar Challenge, to help bring awareness and raise funds to keep the organization running during and after the COVID-19 shutdown.

What is a 16 bar challenge? Well, the organizers explained that performers, stagehands, orchestra members and more have been singing the first 16 bars of the the first audition songs they sang at the Erie Playhouse. If they’re not inclined to sing, then they list 16 things they need to stage manage a show or play 16 bars of an overture to a show they were in the orchestra for. If you’re an avid theatre-goer, then you can list 16 Playhouse shows you’ve see!

Each video links to the GoFundMe page. The goal is to raise $8,000, and they are over halfway to it. The organizers say anyone can join in and share their love of music and theatre. They say now is the time to support the arts and the Erie Playhouse because it’s more than just a performance, it’s a family.

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