DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Alternatives to trick or treating

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While trick or treating is approved for many areas across the nation, some parents see COVID-19 cases rising and want to take caution.

Jill Walls, an associate professor of early childhood education at Ball University is one parent moving the celebration to her living room. She and her daughters have plans for a night of fun in their own home rather than trick or treating. After involving her kids in the planning process, they’ve decided to play board games and other fun Halloween themed games. If you’re also a parent wanting to take caution this year, Walls recommends other activities families can do such as reading a Halloween themed book, or watch a Halloween movie.

However since trick or treating was approved, some will keep that tradition with precautions in mind. Ways to minimize contact and social distance include getting creative with they way you’re giving out candy, and separating candy on a table or into bags so that trick or treaters can grab their own individually. Masking is also recommended, but remember just your Halloween mask doesn’t count. Also, avoid double layering masks. Wearing a regular mask under your Halloween mask will restrict breathing.

The most important thing to remember is that if you’re sick, keep everyone else safe and don’t participate.

How do you plan to celebrate Halloween this year?

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