In the midst of a pandemic, you may not be thinking about leasing a new car now. However, trends are showing you might get a good deal now or in the near future.

“Basically the prices are coming down and manufacturers are getting serious about moving some metal,” said Scot Hall, EVP Operations at

When leasing a car, one of the things you want to make sure of is how many miles you’re actually going to be putting on the vehicle each month. Normally 1,000 miles is allotted, but sometimes you may need more or less… and that can make a price difference.

“Get an idea of what your commute is. And that’s going to be a good chunk of your miles on your annual basis right there,” said Hall.

If you’re already in a lease and looking to get out, or lease a different vehicle, can help with just a few steps.

“It really does break down to a simple three-step process,” said Hall. The first is finding someone who wants to take on the lease, a credit check and then signing the final documents. has a call center for extra help if you’re confused or have questions.

“Unlike most other websites out there, we have our phone number plastered all over the website because we’ve got a call center full of customer service representatives as well as account executives that help out with the lease transfer process,” said Hall.

When leasing, Hall has a few important tips to always remember.

” (Have) an idea of what the monthly budget should be from a payment standpoint. Be realistic about what your mileage needs will be over that time period. And another one I’d throw in there too, is how much money they might be comfortable putting down up front,” said Hall.