DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Cat shot with arrow survives

Digital Exclusive

Callum the ca was shot with an arrow in Conneaut, Ohio.

He was taken to Maddox and Friends Cat Rescue and then to Akron for treatment.

Tuesday, people gathered to support Callum the cat in front of the Conneaut Courthouse.

“So it wasn’t a sharp arrow. It was a blunt-tipped arrow,” said Sara Maddox, owner of Maddox and Friends Cat Rescue.

Callum was taken into surgery at Akron Med Vet. The fearless feline is set to make a full recovery.

“They are pulling out that arrow. He’s probably going to stay in the hospital for two days, then they’ll let us know, ” said Maddox.

It turns out that Callum’s wound were only flesh wounds. Maddox and Friends surpassed their donation goal, but they are asking for more because there are more cats to be saved.

“Donations went through the roof, so thank you to everybody for that. His cost of surgery was completely covered,” said Maddox.

Callum was shot with a practice arrow by a man who claimed the cat was rabid.

“July 23rd we got a call… and he actually called in and said he had a rabid cat on his property and he shot it with an arrow. He thought he had, he wasn’t sure what had happened because the cat disappeared,” said Michael Sullivan, Conneaut City detective.

Under Goddard’s Law, shooting a companion animal is a fifth-degree felony. Tuesday’s rally was in support of that law.

“We are here not just for Callum but to stand for animal cruelty as a whole- we won’t stand for it. We want to be their voice; they don’t have one. They can’t be here to rally for their rights so we are,” said Maddox.

At the rally, another cat was brought to the scene who’s face was shot with a gun. That cat was also taken to Akron Med Vet. There are no updates on that cat yet.

Callum is still in recovery and will be adopted out soon.

“We’ve had literally probably 500 people ask about him and where he’s going to go. We’re not positive yet. He’s going to recover with me at home and then he’ll be adopted out,” said Maddox.

Callum is a survivor. Everyone who attended today did so for him and all other animals who face abuse.

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