DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Children’s Hospitals Week

Digital Exclusive

This week is Children’s Hospitals Week. It is a campaign part of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and Erie is home to one of five CMN hospitals in Pennsylvania, St. Vincent.

This week (April 6-12) celebrates miracle children and families, raises awareness for pediatric care and funds and thanks donors. Many people will be sporting yellow bandages with a name or reason why they support CMNH.

There are many ways people can support St. Vincent as the local CMNH this week and all throughout the year. There are many partners from Walmart to Dairy Queen to IHOP to Donato’s that people may not know they are already supporting CMNH by purchasing goods from these places. And all donations stay local.

If you’re looking for a fun way to raise funds for St. Vincent, why not participate in the online gaming tournament taking place April 7-9 here? You can play really any game, pass the time and win money for St. Vincent.

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