DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Comedy in quarantine, why it’s important to laugh now

Digital Exclusive

They say laughter is the best medicine. Right now, in quarantine, it might just be for yourmental well-being.

Comedy is something that can get us through COVID-19 mentally. Local comedic star, Tammy Pescatelli believes that.

“You have to laugh daily or else you’re going to really snap,” she said.

To help bring a little bit of comedy to her fans’ lives, she and her son, Luca have been doing Facebook live streams telling silly jokes. She says comedy lovers should go and embrace their favorite comic’s current work because they aren’t taping new specials right now.

She recently had a special come out called “Way After School Special” that’s available on iTunes and Amazon Prime Video now.

If you’re looking to explore comedy from the comfort of your couch in your sweatpants (we know you’re wearing them), then check out the National Comedy Center Anywhere on Monday when it launches.

You can explore content that will be added daily. There is a free version and a paid version of about $19. With the paid version, you get more content and a free ticket to the museum once it reopens after this is all done.

So while we’re all at home, now’s a good time to laugh.

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