DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Coping with pandemic and holiday stress

Digital Exclusive

Every year, the holiday season brings joy to some, and stress to others. 

Loneliness, financial pressure and shorter days are some of the things that negatively affect people around the holidays. Adding to that stress this year is the pandemic.

Mandy Fauble, Director of Clinical Care Services at UPMC Western Behavioral Health at Safe Harbor says, “That holiday hustle and bustle sometimes we think of or that fun aspects of the season those things can also create a lot of stress for people especially if those things feel unattainable. “

The result is an increase in patients experiencing mental health concerns. No one is immune when it comes to this. 

” Calls to crisis hotlines have increased significantly during COVID, people talk about being more anxious, there is some suggestion that people are experiencing more depressive symptoms,” says Jonathan Singer, President of the American Association of Suicidology.

After seeing this increase in mental health concerns, professionals want to remind you that there are ways to cope.

Fauble suggests doing things you enjoy and seeking help from your family doctor or a therapist if needed. There is always emergency help available locally. 

“We do have a 24/7 365 crisis hotline that’s here at safe harbor, and that number is 814-456-2014,” says Fauble.

For much more information on the signs and symptoms of depressions, what you can do about it, and where you can find help, check out the full digital exclusive report here

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