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People are always looking for connection. How has COVID-19 changed the way people date?

“It’s forcing them or giving them the opportunity to talk a little longer. You to get to know one another via communicating without meeting. So it’s slowing down that process,” said Mary Lynn Rote, owner of ABC’s of Building Better Lives Counseling.

Regardless of where you may be in your relationship, there is an emphasis on communication.

“You need to sit down and kind of communicate because now we’re being given more time- more time in our homes,” said Rote.

Being at home can be a bore, but that doesn’t mean you need to feel that boredom in your relationship.

“It’s an opportunity to get more creative. Just because you’re quarantined together doesn’t mean you can’t set aside time for a date or to have a romantic dinner,” said Rote.

That’s what one young couple’s done for their three-year anniversary.

“Decided to cook dinner together. We both got the exact same ingredients. We cooked together. We drank the same wine. We celebrated. We each set up a little space n our houses and then we called and binged an entire season of community on Netflix,” said Tim Bates, who’s been dating his girlfriend, Sara Jackson.

But it isn’t all smooth sailing.

“(It’s) difficult on some days because we’re both busy doing different things and we don’t always have all the time we to to talk to each other,” said Sara Jackson.

There is something that this couple’s set aside each week just for them.

“We have a standing date every Wednesday night we FaceTime and we watch a wrestling show together,” said Jackson.

“And we’ve been doing that for a couple years now,” said Bates.

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