DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Elmer Fudd loses his gun

Digital Exclusive

HBO Max is taking away Elmer Fudd’s gun in the new Looney Tunes Cartoon series. The signature firearm to kill the wabbit wascal, Bugs Bunny, is now a scythe. Some people are not happy about the change for the fictional character.

“It’s typical Liberal control. They can’t beat us at the ballot box; so slowly, continuously, they will destroy the image of firearms in America today,” said Bob McDowell, owner of Bob’s Gun Shop and Indoor Shooting Range.

Does it matter that the fictional character loses this specific prop but not others?

“He always had the shotgun with him. Now they want to take away the firearms, but they’ll still blow things up with dynamite -do stuff like that. It’s just the way of controlling us,” said McDowell.

Others acknowledge society has changed.

“Looney Tunes, you know, they’ve had a history of characters that were based on disgusting racial stereotypes. And I know that those sort of things have been edited and changed,” said Alaina Manchester, director of performing and visual arts at Gannon University.

Looney Tunes is not real. None of the characters are real. Manchester acknowledges there’s a difference between reality and cartoon.

“They’re very much farcical. And in the rules of farce, there’s no true pain and no lasting injury. The difference between the slap-sticky kind of violence and things like guns, which we have a problem with in this country, we have a problem of young people with guns in this country, and the immediacy of that kind of violence is unforgiving,” said Manchester.

The second amendment will not change, just the representation of firearms will be remove from a fictional man who doesn’t have the best aim.

“Elmer Fudd was not a responsible gun-haver. He didn’t practice gun safety. So I would almost think as a gun safety advocate, you wouldn’t want to showcase somebody like Elmer Fudd with a gun,” said Manchester.

Others think this change is not for the better.

“This is them trying changing a generation’s outlook about firearms through education,” said McDowell.

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