Digital Exclusive: Highmark Health cat

Digital Exclusive

Highmark Health is rolling out a new safety campaign with one of your favorite furry friends, a cat.

“This really is a public health campaign that we’ve endeavored to do on behalf of Highmark across western Pennsylvania. It was all started out of conversations with the Pennsyvlania State Health Department,” said Craig Riner, senior VP of strategic marketing at Highmark Health.

The state saw some alarming trends from July 4 amongst younger demographics.

“This whole campaign was born out of that desire to help make an impact on the health of the communities to prevent further surge in our systems like St. Vincent hospital in Erie. And to really try to help break through the clutter and get that younger demographic think a little bit differently about social distancing,” said Riner.

What better animal to use than a judgment pet cat?

“The reason we involved a cat, it’s not normally something we would do in the healthcare arena, but when we thought about the demographic and who we were going after, we knew that a digital approach was the righ way to go. And when you think about YouTube as the second most search channel in all of the internet and the popularity of pets on YouTube. In fact, cats are one of the most popular and most viewed items in the animal and pets category. We decided who better to help act as our spokeskitten than a cat,” said Riner.

Riner says cats are clean freaks in general.

“They’re kind of the posterchildren of social hygiene to begin with. They’re constantly washing their paws. They’re constantly keeping their distant from most cats at least when they choose to. And many of them have these cute little masks on their face built in with their fur,” said Riner.

The campaign will also include videos on proper social distancing and mask wearing, so start practicing these safety measures right meow.

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