DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Home hair color attempt

Digital Exclusive

As the weeks go by, the roots and greys are showing more and more. Home hair color kits are becoming more popular, so digital reporter, Emma Rose Lewis decided to try one for the first time.

“You’ll be okay. In this do-it-yourself-world, we gotta do something. But worst case scenario, you can always put your natural color back on top of it,” said Ashley Barron of The Loft Hair Salon and Beauty Bar.

They both went through the items in the Madison Reed box- gloves, cap, activator, creme color, and more. Barron gave Emma Rose a lot of confidence.

“I can’t wait. Good luck! You’re going to do great,” said Barron.

After applying all the ingredients to her hair, letting it set and shampooing it out, Emma Rose had her grand reveal for Ashley.

“That turned out pretty nice,” said Barron.

Would Emma Rose do it again? “No! The amount of anxiety I had around dyeing my hair was so much that I would rather leave it to the professionals,” she said.

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