Digital Exclusive: Improvements at the Erie Zoo

Digital Exclusive

The Erie Zoo is gearing up for some improvements and changes in the near future as they venture into their first capital campaign in 25 years. Scott Mitchell, president and CEO of the Erie Zoo, gives viewers a tour of what will be planned going forward in this digital exclusive story.

$10 million is needed for these projects and $7 million is already raised for them. There are many different plans including a new giraffe and bear exhibit, as well as restoration to the main zoo building.

There also will be a tunnel where guests can walk from the parking lot to the main entrance. Erie Zoo president Scott Mitchell telling JET 24 Action News that the history of the zoo will be preserved.

“It’s very important, some of these species we’re talking about…giraffes….have been a part of our family for decades.” Mitchell said. He added that the main zoo building is the iconic structure of the property and they felt that it was important to preserve that.

“Other zoos have knocked these types of buildings down, and we felt we needed to preserve that.”

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