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Wednesday, LECOM was at the Quality of Life Learning Center in Erie, conducting 100 COVID-19 tests.

“So with the assistance of LECOM, Erie County Health Department, and Minority Community Investment Coalition, Quality of Life Learning Center and John F. Kennedy Center are looking enhanced screening in our neighborhood today to both test, track, trace and treat the virus,” said Gary Horton, director of the Quality of Life Learning Center.

“What we’ve done, LECOM Health, as well as the other health systems, is we’ve partnered with the local community center to bring COVID-19 testing to these areas. We know there are vulnerable populations that live here and need our support.So our effort here today was to partner here today with the Quality of life Center, Gary Horton’s group, to bring our nurses and to use testing kits we got from the state to test these folks and hopefully their results will be good, and hopefully we can tame the disease by virtue of enhanced testing. So it’s an enhanced screening today, if you will,” said Dave Rubino, VP at LECOM Health.

By bringing the testing to various communities, more people are likely to get tested and more people will be educated on COVID-19.

“So with the assistance of partners like LECOM ad Housing Authority, we hope to be able to manage it in our neighborhood and our community, so that we can, best we can, educate the population and provide them with the resources that it takes to keep their family as safe as possible,” said Horton.

There were 100 tests to be conducted today, 100 community members to learn their results. Horton believes it’s important to know we truly are in this together.

“No matter what faith you may believe in, we know that in this community we’re a community of many diverse populations, religions and cultures. And the virus knows or respects no one, and any of us can get,” said Horton.

Horton and LECOM are planning to hold more testing drives in the future.

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