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Digital Exclusive

“So today we’re having an eight-year-old who is coming to drop off a donation as well as share her story of how she wanted to give back to the community during this time of pandemic, but just in general to give back to her city,” said Erin Layden, director of development at the Erie City Mission.

The Mission was about to receive a special donation from a little girl who set up a lemonade stand to earn money for a new playground set but decided to donate it instead.

Alyana Oblinski, or AlyO as she goes by, set up a lemonade stand about a month ago with her mother’s help. She made over $400.

“It’s such a joy for me personally to see young kids giving back Mission is very unique in the fact that we’re 95% privately funded. And that really, all those donations come from partners and supports of all socioeconomic levels, ages. And so, that’s really why we say this is our city, our mission because we could not survive without each and every individual giving back to us,” said Layden.

Young Alyana wants others to do the same.

“I’m giving this to other people so they can be the same,” said Alyana Oblinski, eight-year-old resident of Edinboro.

The City Mission just has thanks for people like little Alyana.

“To say thank you. It’s so refreshing to see young kids giving back, and you are a great example to your generation of what it means to give to those in need,” said Layden.

It’s never too early to start giving back to the community.

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