DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Mail-in ballots, 50 days

Digital Exclusive

There are about 50 days until the election and the voter registration office for Erie County doesn’t have the mail-in ballots yet.

“We’re currently waiting on a certified ballot from the Department of State. There’s a Green Party presidential candidate who may be removed from the ballot,” said Tonia Fernandez, Erie County Election Supervisor.

Fernandez also has advice on ballot applications.

“I just want to make voters aware who have applied online or on paper; they really only need to submit one one application. We have been getting quite a few calls. Some voters are receiving emails stating that their ballot was declined due to duplicate application, and that is correct. We are declining duplicate applications because you only need to apply once,” said Fernandez.

She also explains the difference between voter registration and applying for a mail-in ballot.

“Registration is actually registering to vote. And applying for a mail-in ballot is obviously applying either online or by mail to receive a ballot, so they’re two different things,” she said.

The voter registration office is receiving high volumes of phone calls, so it’s recommended to track your ballot at rather than call.

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