DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Marching bands still making music

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Fall sports may not be happening this year, so what’s going to happen to marching bands who accompany them and perform during halftime and various events throughout the school year? McDowell’s marching band is still rehearsing and planning on its best.

“We don’t know what’s going to be happening. We’re playing it day-by-day. And we just know that this is an educational for us, and we’re going to continue to educate our students in the safest possible manner according to all the restrictions and guidelines that we’ve been given,” said Jerry Anderson, director of the McDowell marching band.

The band’s getting back together, making music during these trying times.

“We are getting our kids back together the way we normally would to give them the experience we know they look forward to and that they really thrive on. But it is different in that we are a little bit behind. The spring would have been, we would have had some activity, but obviously we lost a lot of that during the lock-down. Took us a while to figure out how we were going to get restarted. And since we’ve restarted, things have been pretty normal,” said Anderson.

Anderson says the music is more than just an educational experience. It’s a chance for students to collaborate and do something creative.

“We can’t stop teaching our kids, and the kids need more than just, you know, the classroom setting; that learning takes place outside of the classroom as well. So we really have seen a lot of dedication to making sure those opportunities and the health, the emotional and social well-being is addressed through these activities,” said Anderson.

Regardless of the school year’s outcome, this is a rare opportunity these days for students to create together.

“So we really are just enjoying the ability to make music, be creative, to hone our skills, and to work together, and the kids are enjoying that,” said Anderson.

With Governor Wolf’s sports announcement, everything is up in the air, but the McDowell marching band will play on as long as possible.

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