DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Mother-son duo give back

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People are showing kindness in the Erie community. One mother-son duo is taking on the entire area, helping to feed kids by dropping off meals.

“We deliver 48 and 49. Forty-eight on Tuesday, forty-nine on Friday,” said Robin Androver.

It started with the free lunch program at her son, Eli’s school.

“(They were) Emailing me continuously about come get your lunch. Come get your free lunch. I decided that we’ll go get a free lunch for Eli. And I said well if I’m going to go get Eli’s, I might as well get the neighbor and then another neighbor. Next thing you know it’s the east side and the west side. We have everybody all connected,” said Robin.

This began in late March as schools closed. Robin and Eli decided to use her Jeep to carry food from location to location.

Both Robin and Eli are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19. To be safe, Robin is food safety certified, they use gloves, do no-contact drop offs.

They get plenty of thanks, too.

“This is our happy time is things like this; little cards like this,” said Robin, holding up a handmade card.

They’r donating more than just time. They’re donating gas and car expenses to serve these families.

Eli thinks this a great life lesson.

“I’m really enjoying doing it. I enjoy learning it at a young age. I’m grateful to be able to help out,” said Eli Androver.

It’s also a time for bonding.

“The only thing about the lunches is actually, like, that’s my and Eli’s time. We put on music, and we listen to it, and we just go,” said Robin.

At just 13-years-old, Eli is learning and giving back a lot during this time of need.

“Help out others if you can. Try to support as many people if you can. That little bit of help can help someone so much,” said Eli.

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