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During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all come to better appreciate healthcare professionals, especially nurses. They bridge the gap between doctor and patient.

There is a nurse shortage of about a half a million nurses and that will double in a few short years.

“We’re the ones that are with those patients all the time in the hospital setting and also the outpatient setting. We’re the eyes, the ears, constantly reassessing patient, looking for any signs of problems. We’re primarily the educators for the patients as for as their health promotion, health maintenance. We’re doing those interventions, the hands on things for patients to get back to optimal health,” said Elizabeht Farbotnik, assistant professor of nursing at Edinboro of nursing.

It’s challenging, but nursing offers so many career options.

“There’s plenty of different types of nursing you can go into. With rotation clinicals is why they do it, to kind of get your feet wet and to see where you see yourself fitting. Me, personally, I love kids and babies, so I’m probably going to lean towards pediatrics and the maternity side of nursing,” said Elena Yemma, a nursing student in Youngstown, Ohio.

Elena isn’t a licensed nurse yet, but she’s receiving gratitude this nurses week for her hard work studying to become one.

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