DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Planning to go on a hike? Remember these safety tips

Digital Exclusive

Hiking is a summer activity that many people enjoy. Erie county has a number of different trails that you can explore.

While you’re enjoying the summer air and exploring the trails, you must also remember to be safe because hiking can also be dangerous.

When hiking its important to prepare beforehand and do your research. Look up unfamiliar trails and take screenshots of maps on your cell phone in case you lose cell service.

Its also a good idea to have someone with you in case a dangerous situation happens. If you’re hiking alone make sure someone knows where you are, and give an estimated time of when you plan to complete your hike.

You should also wear shoes with a strong grip in case you come across slippery or muddy conditions on the trail.

Resources to plan your hike are online. and are two websites you can go to for information on various hiking trails.

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