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Retirement! Sounds like a plan for one Erie School District teacher, administrator and assistant superintendent who has served the Erie School District for 35 years.

“It’s a little difficult to think about it because of all of the things that have, that are happening with the pandemic and with the schools. But I’m kind of excited about retiring,” said Bea Habursky, who’s held multiple roles in the district.

Due to COVID-19, the celebration plans have changed.

“The goal was to have a big celebration. We were going to have a big party maybe 200 or 300 people. And unfortunately with the pandemic we couldn’t do that, so this is the next best thing,” said Jon Habursrky, Bea’s husband.

Bea has seen the school district through many ups and downs.

“The Erie School District has been through so much through the years. We’ve had some budget cuts, we’ve had some furloughs, we’ve had some closing of schools and so many crises over the past ten years that another was like, okay you’re in crisis mode. Same thing with the pandemic, it’s crisis mode.
said Bea.

Bea hasn’t left teaching for good. She’ll be an adjunct professor at Mercyhurst, teaching the next generation of educators.

“So I’m very excited about spending the time helping new teachers become part of that career. It’s a wonderful career. Education is fantastic,” she said.

After 35 years, she’s had a plan for almost everything and that’s become her mantra.

“Sounds like a plan! So whenever things get tough, we sit down and try to plan what are we going to do. And when we have the decision it’s okay let’s go, it sounds like a plan, we have to get moving. So that was kind of my mantra, I guess,” she laughed.

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