DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Snow castle at the Mayville winter festival

Digital Exclusive

If you’re looking for something fun to do this Valentine’s Day weekend with your sweetheart, why not head up to Mayville, New York for the winter festival and see the magnificent snow castle?

“This is our very first snow castle. We’re very enthused by it. It’s given us a little more room, a little more success rate because of the weather doesn’t have to be real real cold. So we’ve been able to persevere some of the warmer weather, the rain. And we found out how to work with it. And it’s been pretty interesting,” said Nick Andriaccio, chairman of the ice/snow castle.

The castles, since the beginning in 1987, have been made out of ice. The mild winter this year has forced it to change to snow.

“First of all, we had a giant pile of snow here already provided by the village. And then we worked off of that. Then you gotta make your own blocks of snow, almost kind of like building an igloo,” said Burl Swanson, who’s been volunteering since 2013.

To build the castle, it takes about 10 days and quit a few volunteers, even a few students.

“….10 to 15 volunteers, and then we include the BOCES kids from up in Jamestown and the kids from Chautauqua Lake. Some of the different come in and they help up out,” said Andriaccio.

Swanson has made this an annual volunteering event and enjoys his time out in the cold.

“Once I retired, in the middle of winter you need things t do and I know most of the guys working here and I said, ‘This is a great place to be. Help the community out,'” said Swanson.

The castle is part of the annual winter festival. This year, it falls on Valentine’s Day.

“We’re going to detail it off for Valentine’s Day with a heart in the center. So if you want to take you sweetheart her for dinner somewhere one of the fancier, nice restaurants around the area and then come and take your picture by the castle, it’ll be lit up Friday night,” said Andriaccio.

The castle lighting will be Friday at 6 p.m. For more information click here.

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