DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Stay Home, Jam Together

Digital Exclusive

The sun is out, the weather is nice and it’s almost Memorial Day Weekend. That means music festival season is on its way, but there’s one thing stopping it- COVID-19.

What if there were a way to ‘stay home and jam together?’ That’s what several organizations have collaborated on a free online concert series, Stay Home, Jam Together.

“We’ve moved the operation to R. Frank Media studios and we’re able to socially distance and film a very high-quality professional local concert series right here in Erie,” said Dave Tamulonis, the events manager of Erie Downtown Partnership.

The concert series began last week, raising funds for local artists and awareness to take the 2020 Census.

“Artists, especially musicians, are working professionals. They get a lot of their income from playing live shows and doing events whether it’s weddings or birthdays and stuff. So these are working people who are mostly out of a job right now,” said Tamulonis.

“If you haven’t taken the census, it’s literally the single most important and easy thing you can do to support your community in the next 10 years. There’s like a billion dollars at stake,” said Aaron Loncki, marketing strategist for the City of Erie.

Those funds go toward public services like road repairs, schools and hospitals.

Artists featured are local. This week’s lineup are donating their tips to the artist emergency fund.

“We have Johnny Major of the band Paper Matches, another great local band, you know rock and roll,” said Tamulonis.

Singer/songwriter of Stiletto, Monica Lewis, is also slated for this evening.

“I think music is uplifting people during this period for sure. I think people really look forward to having something to see that’s different from the TV they’ve been staring at,” said Lewis.

You can watch Stay Home, Jam Together tonight at 7 p.m. on the City of Erie social media and community access channel 1021.

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