DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Teacher Appreciation Week, retiring teachers

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The school year is rapidly coming to an end. Students are surely counting down the days, but some teachers are likely as well. Some are looking to retirement, but this is not the way they expected it. This is not the last Teacher Appreciation Week they imagined.

“We’ve sort of been robbed here a little bit if you want to call it that, you know,” said Laurie Santos, retiring fifth grade science teacher of J. W. Parker Middle School.

Seniors graduating aren’t the only ones being robbed of their final months at school.

“I was also looking forward to these last three months because everyday, it’s one more day to the end. I mean, I had a count down to the end for the last 180 days since the beginning of the year, but I was enjoying that. You know what I mean? And I had colleagues kept telling me to stay another year or ‘you’re not really doing this are you’ until the final paperwork got handed in on March first. and all of a sudden it got real,” said Marie Troyer, a retiring kindergarten teacher at McKean Elementary School.

Parents and students have been making these final days special for these teachers before they part ways with the General McLane School District.

“She had sent me this really nice email and asked me how many years have you been teaching? We can’t see you go out like this?…. My heart just melts every time- I’m like a kid at Christmas everyday to see what’s going to happen next,” said Troyer, whose students and parents have been bringing her farewell treats.

Teachers go above and beyond everyday, and the ones retiring are doing their best to make sure this year stands out.

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