DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Vaccinating communities of color

Digital Exclusive

Kevin Arrington, Pandemic Safety Officer at the MLK Center and his mother MaryAnn Mitchell are part of the community of color, and are fully vaccinated.

They’ve done this not only to flatten the curve, but also to beat the stigma that communities of color are less likely to get vaccinated. They’ve had easy experiences when receiving the vaccine, and now encourage others in the community of color to do the same when its their turn.

Arrington encourages anyone feeling reluctant to start with connections in the community.

“In order to trust the process go to the common connections. Go to the community centers. The Martin Luther King Center, the UECDC, the Booker T. Washington center – those are places that we all are familiar with. I think that its important to reach out to our common connections and take our step in getting the vaccinations,” says Arrington.

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