Digital Exclusive- Xplosion All-Stars

Digital Exclusive

Xplosion All-Stars are in the top 10 for a makeover worth $500,000 and they need your help to be in the top three.

“The Open Championship Series had posted they were going to do an extreme makeover.” said Samantha Robinson, Owner of Xplosion All-Stars.

Xplosion All-Stars started out as a small operation at a local YMCA five years ago. Within the first year, the cheerleaders won their first competition and the organization grew.

“So, we’ve come a long way from the seven cheerleaders and now we have about a hundred.” said Lisa Perrin, Co-Owner.

The makeover worth up to $500,000 are all encompassing.

“You can get new uniforms. You can get new equipment, which is huge for us, because we are a smaller gym that we don’t really have the equipment. So, that would be a huge, huge help for us.” Robinson said.

This could also cover tuition, music and more. The gym usually holds a fundraising event in May. Due to COVID-19, that didn’t happen.

“So, we offer scholarship programs, but we use usually money from our event to do that.” Perrin said.

The public is needed to help get Xplosion all-stars in the top three. From there, the judges decide the winner. People can vote online once a day until June 28th

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