DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Your Weekend Movie Review—’Spenser Confidential,’ ‘The Way Back’ and ‘Onward’

Digital Exclusive

Spenser Confidential

If the name “Spenser Confidential” sounds familiar to you, you may be remembering its source material, the Ace Atkins novel, that also gave us the old TV series “Spenser for Hire.”

This one is about an insubordinate cop, played by Mark Wahlberg, who sets out to get to the bottom of the murders of two of his former police buddies. Joining him in trying to solve the case is a former MMA Star, Black Panther’s Winston Duke.

“Spencer Confidential” reliably goes thru its “Good Cop-Bad Cop” motions, but its real strength comes in a fun script and some great performances like rapper Post Malone making his big screen acting debut. Comediennce Iliza Schlessinger steals every scene she’s in as the rejected girlfriend.

“Spenser Confidential” gets a Dean’s List of “B.”

The Way Back

Back on the big screen after plenty of ups and downs in his personal life is Ben Affleck in the poignant, “The Way Back.”

This film is the story of an alcoholic high school basketball coach trying to inspire lackluster students to achieve, while he battles his own demons with the bottle. It’s a good story of personal weakness and strength on lots of levels, but the movie is even more moving knowing that Affleck disclosed that he was in rehab for alcoholism himself when he was making the film.

You can’t help feeling that you are part of his recovery process in watching this film. It’s a Dean’s List “B.”


And for pure entertainment for the whole family there’s the latest from the Pixar stable,”Onward.”

While it’s different than most of the Pixar classics, it’s an incredibly creative story about two brothers in search of a father they never knew.

While that sounds overly dramatic, it’s not. Its clever script and sharp animation, with a magical sense of whimsy and more of a dose of tenderness.

Dean’s list “B+” and this is one that everyone will enjoy.

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