Erie, Pa. (WJET/WFXP/ — Grab the bug spray and take a trip to visit good ole Mother Nature this month.

September is National Pennsylvania Trails Month to celebrate all the natural outdoor walkways the Commonwealth has to offer! Trails open hikers up to new experiences and give them a new perspective on the world. There are also multiple health benefits to taking a hike.

According to the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), there are over 12,000 miles of trails visitors can adventure through — whether that’s by foot, bike, ATV, kayak, canoe or even horse!

For northwest Pennsylvania, there are a few water-based trail options to choose from:

  • French Creek Water Trail
  • Shenango River Water Trail
  • Oil Creek Water Trail
  • Allegheny Wild & Scenic River Water Trail

You can view a map of PA water trails with locations and additional information to plan ahead for your next trip.

If you are more interested in land-based trails, there are numerous state parks and forests to choose from with their own set of unique pathways, waterfalls and/or overlook spots.

Also, if you want to celebrate Pennsylvania’s Trail of the Year, travel to McKean County and check out the Kinzua Bridge Trail and explore for yourself why it’s this year’s winner.

Or if you want to visit some less-traveled trails, some DCNR officials have their own suggestions they welcome you to check for yourself.

Happy exploring!