(WJET/WFXP/YourErie.com) — Erie County motorists and pedestrians will benefit from smoother traffic flow and greater safety thanks to new grant funding for traffic signal upgrades.

State Reps. Pat Harkins and Bob Merski announced Wednesday that nearly $1.5 million will be given to upgrade traffic signals in the city and in Summit and Millcreek townships.

The lawmakers, both D-Erie, said the funding includes nearly $983,000 for signal improvements in the city, nearly $245,000 for upgrades in Summit township, and another $268,000 for work in Millcreek.

“Erie is receiving nearly $1 million to modernize three major traffic signals located along French Street where it intersects with 9th, 10th, and 11th streets,” Harkins said. “The project will include full reconstruction of the signals and ADA ramps. It’s an investment that has been needed for some time to maximize traffic flow and keep motorists, bikers and pedestrians safe.”

Merski said nearly $245,000 will fund improvements to multiple intersection signals in Summit.

“The new funding to Summit will allow the township to upgrade traffic detection and controller assembly units at nine different intersections along the Peach Street corridor,” Merski said. “The work will keep traffic flowing smoother and allow workers to determine when it isn’t flowing efficiently and adjustments are needed. Motorists will benefit from fewer delays and reduced fuel consumption, and everyone will benefit from greater safety.”

In addition to the funding in Erie and Summit, Millcreek Township is receiving $268,000 for detection upgrades at 15 intersections along the Peach Street corridor.

This funding is part of a statewide grant package awarded through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s “Green Light-Go” program.

The grants are provided as reimbursements to municipalities for updates to improve the efficiency and operation of existing traffic signals. The funding can be used for operational improvements, such as LED technology installation, traffic signal retiming, developing special event plans and monitoring traffic signals and upgrading traffic signals to the latest technologies.

Learn more about this statewide grant package and where it’s affected here.