A last-minute Halloween costume? Dress up in 6 DIY styles like this

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Everyone has had busy Octobers. That can lead to forgetfulness, passing days and eventually, a shriek!

That scream is not because of the spooky season but instead, because all of the good costumes have probably been purchased with only one week until the big night, and you have nothing to wear.

Luckily, MyBankTracker.com, the personal finance website, developed a list of six easy-to-make and affordable costumes (from $3 to $23) you can make at home with plenty of time to enjoy the Halloween weekend.

Here is the list:

1. Quarterback

  • Items needed: a quarter, tape and football (optional)
  • Cost: $3.25 ($.25 for quarter and $3 for tape)
  • How: tape a quarter to your back

2. Squid Game (Netflix) Participant

  • Items needed: white masking tape
  • Cost: $4 (for tape)
  • How: create a three-digit number from 001 to 456 with the masking tape on your chest and back

3. Piece of Gum

  • Items needed: shoe, tape and piece of gum
  • Cost: $6 ($3 for a pack of gum and $3 for tape)
  • How: place a piece of gum to a shoe and attach it to the costume

4. Babysitter

  • Items needed: doll and fishing line or string
  • Cost: up to $17 ($2 for string/fishing line and $15 for a doll or you can use your children’s doll for free)
  • How: attach the doll to your lower back and sit when people ask what the costume is

5. Party Animal

  • Items needed: streamers, balloons, animal mask and tape
  • Cost: up to $23 ($15 for mask, $3 for balloons, $2 for streamers and $3 for tape)
  • How: pick a solid color to wear to go with the mask and cover yourself in party favors

6. Raining Cats and Dogs

  • Items needed: umbrella, cat/dog stuffed animals and fishing line or string
  • Cost: up to $23 ($10 for an umbrella, $3 for string/fishing line and $10 for stuffed animals at the dollar store or you can use your children’s stuffed animals for free)
  • How: tie the stuffed animals to the string and attach to the umbrella

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