(WJET/WFXP/YourErie.com)– Murder suspect Michael Burham was finally captured by law enforcement in the early evening on July 16, after escaping from the Warren County Jail and leading law enforcement on a second manhunt.

We laid out the timeline of events as they happened:

May 11-12: The body of a woman is found by Jamestown police and a car fire is reported. The woman was identified the next day as Kala Hodgkin of Jamestown, NY.

May 22: Police name Burham as one of the prime suspects in the killing of Kala Hodgkin and captures an elderly Pennsylvania couple, forcing them to drive him to South Carolina.

May 24: Burham is found camping under a tarp and captured by authorities in South Carolina. A note is found in the stolen vehicle they believe was addressed to Burham’s father.

June 14: Burham heads to federal court and is extradited to Pennsylvania and is held in the Warren County Jail.

July 6: Michael Burham escapes from the Warren County Jail by climbing on exercise equipment and climbing down bedsheets he tied together around 11:20 p.m.

July 7: Police continue to look for Burham in the Warren Area as Warren County Jail officials investigate how he escaped.

July 8: The hunt for Burham is fully underway and police announce a $9,500 total reward for information leading to Burham’s arrest.

July 9: Stockpiles of supplies are found in the woods south of the City of Warren that they believe belongs to Burham.

July 10: Several closures are announced for outdoor activities in the Warren area as a result of the search for Burham.

July 11: The reward for information leading to Burham’s capture is raised to $19,500 after a donation from PA CrimeStoppers.

July 12: Police announce they are investigating a drone flying near the Warren County Jail on the night Burham escaped.

July 13: The reward for information leading to the capture of Burham increases to $22,000 total.

July 14: State police believe Burham has been sighted on security footage provided to them featuring someone fitting his description. The sighting was disproved after a member of the public came forward.

July 15: Burham is caught in southern Warren County after a couple was alerted to his presence by their dog and reported his location.

Burham was apprehended from behind by U.S. Marshals, PSP and Border Patrol as he tried to sneak past law enforcement after they had surrounded the area.

Burham was arraigned Saturday night on the escape charge and is now held in the Erie County Prison.