DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: What’s New French Creek Deli

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In this edition of What’s New, foodies rejoices! There’s a new deli in Waterford.

A passion project by Kevin Brooks, the French Creek Deli at 111 High Street is quickly becoming a hit with locals.

“I’ve always had a passion for cooking, and I own a concrete and excavating company. Jut with the weather with the way it was last year, I just decided… this would be a perfect time to open a deli… we had this spot available here,” said owner, Kevin Brooks.

The traditional subs, sandwiches and deli meats are available, but… “If ya call in, we make pretty much anything ya need,” Brooks said.

And though it’s been open for barely a week, the loyalty and love of the customers is strong.

“It’s nice… seeing businesses actually flourish in this town actually,” said customer Jesse Fiske Jr.

There have been so many people coming in, that food has been flying off the shelves, almost literally.

“We’ve actually run out almost everyday… We’re busy all the time,” exclaimed Brooks.

Brooks said they through 40 pounds of fresh chicken every two days, and with prices you can’t beat, it’s no wonder people are lining up for this delicious food.

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