Election Results: Status of 2021 Ballot Questions

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Pennsylvania voters have decided to limit the powers of theirs during an emergency.

It makes Pennsylvania the first state in the country to do so. It’s thanks to the passing of two constitutional amendments proposed by Republican lawmakers in reaction to Governor Wolf’s emergency shutdowns during the pandemic.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment one would allow the general assembly to extend or terminate a disaster emergency declaration without the governor’s approval.

Proposed constitutional amendment two limits a governor’s ability to declare a disaster emergency to 21 days… unless extended by the general assembly.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment 1 called for Termination or Extension of Disaster Emergency Declaration:

                At this hour the vote is 52.97% — YES, 47.03% — NO

Proposed Constitutional Amendment 2 concerned Disaster Emergency Declaration and Management:

                So far the vote is 52.93% — YES, 47.07% — NO

Proposed Constitutional Amendment 3 was Prohibition Against Denial or Abridgement of Equality of Rights because of Race or Ethnicity:

                The vote right now is  71.74% — YES, 28.26% — NO

And the fourth question asked about Expanding Indebtedness to Make Loans to Municipal Fire Departments and Ambulance Companies:

                So far, the vote is 72.43% — YES, 27.57% — NO

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