Jess Jiuliante announces run for Millcreek Township Supervisor

Jess Juiliante III has lived in Millcreek for more than 50 years.
He says his experience and education make him the most qualified candidate running for Millcreek Township Supervisor. 
Juiliante is running as a democrat.
He served as township supervisor in the 1990's, and says he's been following local government ever since.
"A lot of things have changed, but I follow those changes," Juiliante said. "I monitored those changes very closely. Some of them were good changes some of them were bad changes, and I want to do something about those changes that I didn't think were in the best interest of Millcreek residents."
He believes strongly that supervisors should not give themselves additional, salaried jobs within the county, adding that it's a waste of tax-payer dollars.
Juiliante also hopes to have weekly meetings and implement a six-to-eight month repavement plan. 

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