A local personal chef is telling us how she is involved in CelebrateErie this year and her plan of action.

Owner and chef of Dinner is Served, Lisa Heidelberg, told us she will be feeding the main performing acts of CelebrateErie, including Flo Rida, Erie All-Stars and others.

She said she plans to take each day and each meal one day at a time to cater to all the needs and requests of the performers, and that many options will be available for the acts this year. 

“We’ll be playing a little bit with a Caribbean flair, with some pineapple and jerk chicken. We’ll also be featuring some Italian dishes there like some Chicken Romano, I’ve got of course my award winning mac and cheese on the list. Then we’ll also do some vegan things, a forbidden bowl,” said Lisa Heidelberg, owner and chef, Dinner is Served.

Heidelberg mentioned she is honored to be part of the biggest festival of NWPA.