Golden Apple Award 03/20/2019 – Ms. Carlene Chlebus

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After a decade of teaching in the Erie School District, this week’s Golden Apple Award-Winning Teacher is now making a difference in the lives of students at Asbury School in Millcreek.

Lou Baxter reports on how a tragic experience has turned into the lesson of a lifetime.

Ms. Carlene Chlebus is a fifth-grade social studies teacher at Asbury School. Her mom wanted her to be a lawyer, but she yielded to a feeling she got while attending Our Lady Christian School as a youngster.

So, she has dedicated her life to these young people around her, even when her life suddenly changed.

“My son’s father died,” she shares with us. She says she wanted to be “a real person” to her students.

Sometimes you have to make your mess your message, and that’s part of the secret sauce that has led to Ms. Chlebus’ success in the classroom.

She says “I think it’s important… to teach about life too”.

Congratulations, Carlene Chlebus, this week’s JET 24 Edinboro University Golden Apple Award Winner. No nominate your favorite teacher, click here and fill out the form on the page.

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