Golden Apple Award- Anthony Tridico

Golden Apple Award

An up and coming trainer, teacher and coach of Division I athletes has spent the last quarter century teaching in the Titusville School District.

Warren native Anthony Tridico could have worked with elite college athletes following his university days. Instead, he’s at Pleasantville Elementary School after 25 years in the Titusville School District.

“I was certified k-12 and I could have been in the Division I strength training business, but I chose teaching at the time.” Tridico said.

Tridico says there’s a direct correlation between success in the gym and in the classroom.

“It’s about human health. If you’re not healthy, you’re not likely going to be successful, so the ability for these kids to engage in this on a daily basis is of utmost importance. I think this pandemic has really made it clear.” Tridico said.

What’s clear to this week’s student nominator Kaylee Chamberlain is that Mr. Tridico cares about his students.

“You have to love the kids. They have to know that you care.” Tridico said.

“The kids know that he cares about them and he really has their best interest at heart. The kids thrive in gym class.” said Shawn Fink, principal.

“Teach me, I learn. Challenge me I grow, but believe in me and I will succeed. I think that these little ones know that this teacher believes in them. ” said Dr. Mary Jo Melvin.

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