Golden Apple Award- Ashley Corvin

Golden Apple Award

Inspiring young people to express themselves and be as unique as their artwork, that’s what this week’s Golden Apple Award winning art teacher is doing in Crawford County.

Mrs. Ashley Corvin teaches at Cambridge Springs High School. The Meadville native is in her 8th year of teaching. Her students appreciate her creative outlook and personality. This week’s student nominator says her teacher has a creative personality and stresses art is important for many different reasons.

“Any job nowadays you have to be a creative thinker. It’s not so much the project or product they have coming out of here, but the way they’re learning to think different ways. They can apply in any field they want to go into because we need those innovative young kids coming up and making big changes in the world.” Corvin said.

“This teacher tells us to be true to ourselves, but who we are, be unique. We all need someone in our life that will tell us you’re okay, you’re good, be yourself.” said Dr. Mary Jo Melvin.

“Everyone’s individual personalities and what makes it special. You can look at art, would we want every painting to look the same? No. We don’t want every person to be the same either, so, what’s different about you is what’s special.” Corvin said.

In the end, what’s really special is the lasting bond she builds with her students.

“I don’t know, I just love her. She’s like another mother to me.” said Riley Sowash, student nominator.

Congratulations to Ashley Corvin, this week’s JET 24 and Edinboro University Golden Apple Award winner.

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